Whale Sharks


Whale Shark Snorkel

Isla Mujeres

This is a Riviera Maya must do! The tours start in Playa Del Carmen or leaving from Cancun where you travel by boat for about 1-1.5 hours. You arrive to swim with these amazing animals, that can reach the size of a school bus..don't worry they are vegetarians.

This is a special tour based on the time of the year and is totally dependant on the ocean conditions of the day. Join us on the amazing journey.

This is a public or private tour leaves from Playa Del Carmen.

Groups of 8-10 travelers per the boat.

Duration of activity:
Pretty much all day.

Waters and Lunch in Isla Mujeres.

Price: $125.00 price per person from Isla Mujeres

Price: $125.00 from Isla Mujeres

Private Boat: $1250.00 Boat holds 8 passengers





May 15-September 15

Public Price per person- $195.00 from Playa Del Carmen $125.00 from Isla Mujeres

PRIVATE BOAT: $1480.00 / Plus 6% Credit Card Fee

Between June and September every year the worlds' largest fish, the enormous whale sharks arrive in the Mexican Caribbean! The massive fish grow up to 45 feet in length. Every year they migrate from the Honduras area up the coast to an area just between Cuba and the Yucatan. This area is close to Punta Sam, just north of Cancun. Each year we invite guests to join us as we leave the Playa del Carmen area and go north to Punta Sam to seek out and snorkel with the whale sharks.

The name alone tends to send shivers up some peoples spine. But this fear is put aside once you learn the facts about the whale shark. The slow moving creatures, unlike their fellow sharks, have no teeth! Their diet consists of microscopic plankton and creel ... certainly NOT people!

As the warm water of the Caribbean Sea meets with the temperate waters of the Gulf of Mexico, there begins a huge blanket of plankton that draws in an abundance of wildlife. Not only do we see whale sharks, but also dolphins, manta rays, and birds.

Just driving out to the area is an adventure. We generally have dolphins follow us out. Sometimes they get bored with surfing around the boat then take off leaping out of the water doing aerial acrobatics. Manta rays up to 12 feet across too can be seen breaching the water!!!

This is truly a "Once in a Lifetime" trip. To be able to swim beside these gentle giants is an amazing experience that should be had by all coming to the Yucatan this summer. Sign up now for your space on the boat to go "Swim with the whale sharks!!!"

AGENDA: Pickup 6:30am, Arrive at Dock before 8am, Briefing before boarding, You will motor out to the whale sharks about 1-1.5 hrs, Swim with the whale sharks for approx. 2 hours, Return to Isla Mujeres for lunch and swimming. Return to dock and return home approx 4pm.

WHAT TO BRING: Underwater Camera, Wetsuit if you have one, or rent one if not offered, Money for tips, ONLY Biodegradable sunscreen, take seasickness medication if at all prone to motion sickness, why be miserable, towel, sunglasses, cover up for ride home.